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Helping People First

The other day I started thinking about where ad people rank on the Morale Ladder.

I’ve heard from numerous sources that we’re comfortably snug between crack dealers, prostitutes and litigators. I don’t know which one appeals to me more. For the last 15 years I’ve been writing copy for ads, architecting ads, selling ads, you get the idea.

I spent 3 years in Europe learning how to write ads. I spent 2 years at the first true digital agency in Toronto (Modem Media… wurd up!) learning how to architect ads and write for ads in the online space. Good times.

As I get older I can’t help but think it’s time I started doing something bigger. Something better.

A few years ago I considered quitting advertising all together to become a fire fighter. Seriously. My wife had to talk me out of it. I wanted to help people more than save a life. OK, the calendar thing is cool but I just wanted to help people.

When I architect sites for my clients, I want to help the consumer more than I want to help my client. Naturally, happy consumers help clients in so many ways. Sometimes I want to tell consumers “Stay Away from This”

Then along comes the “un-agency” trend.

Idris Mootree, Online Spin, Jon Campbell… they’re all talking about it. David Armano summed it all up for me:

“If some agencies don’t fix their culture problems—they may find themselves with talent who look the part but don’t actually play it.”

Now is the time for innovation and helping people first.

Today I announced my resignation from Capital C. The immediate goal is to rekindle my consultancy practice with a focus on experience planning and social media. The blogosphere has guided me in my decision, and I know they will be there for inspiration and consultation.

BTW – Drop me a line if you know anyone looking for a planner. I’m officially for hire.


What Marketing Executives Need to Know


Read an article from Jeremiah and things became crystal clear:

Web Marketing no longer is limited to your corporate site.

Let go of the concept of ‘driving traffic to your website’ as a sole measurement of success. The web, its message, and your battles are now fought on the open and distributed web.

Trusted decisions between prospects and customers are made on these social communities and networks, so the savvy executives need to go there.

I see 2 lines of communication. On the X axis is traditional; Y is peer-to-peer. The more communication a brand places on the Y axis, the more control that brand puts into the consumers’ hands.

Such a simple formula, yet most marketers don’t get this. I failed math. Twice. Yet to me, this is so crystal clear.

Design the next Wendy’s Burger, WIN $25,000

Hot on the heels of Dojc’s web 2.0 rant about brands that ask consumers to help design their next big thing. In this elegant execution, you create the perfect burger by adding ingredients and giving it a name. If you win, remember who told you about it.

Build Your Burger

Get your news Arkanoid-style

MSNBC has created a very amusing way for news mongers to gather headlines. As you play the game, headlines drop a la Arkanoid mode. When you’re done, you can boast about your high score OR you can read the headlines you just gathered. Sweet.

Get your news

Perhaps the BEST example of information architecture ever?

Nike Air Force 1 has created a wiki-like property where users contribute content for every AF1 ever created. Or have they? That’s where the wiki part comes in.

Start Drooling

Online Habits by Age Group

EMarketer Graph

Is your company ready for web 2.0?

Fill out this handy checklist.

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