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Twittering from the Capital C offsite

The other day, as we sat in the Guvernment on those extremely uncomfortable chairs, little did anyone know that the rest of world was listening in. OK, not the entire world. But anyone who cared about what I had to say on Twitter got highlights of that amazing day.

As I sat in my chair, feeling the numbness creep into my behind, I began Twittering from my cellphone; I felt so empowered. Like a reporter from CNN.

My first post (a.k.a. “Tweet”) was about Doug and the purpose of the day’s event. See the bottom of the list in the image below:


Later on, I Tweeted about Geoff Craig, asking Twitterland: “What’s On Your Highlight Reel?”

There were a few responses from people that follow me or my “Followers”, which you can see I have 28 of. Some of them are fellow Cap C’ers. Others are friends, family and industry experts.

Regardless of who’s following me, the idea is my followers get my Tweets. Some on cellphones; others on a desktop widget like Twitterific. Or on the site Some get them on all 3. It depends.

To put this into context, think about our colleagues that could not make it to the offsite that day. Had they been following joeszabo on Twitter, they would have received the updates throughout the day. Heck, some of them could have Tweeted back, egging Tony on about his GO TEAM sign.

On a more serious note, the Los Angeles Fire Department is using Twitter to send updates as fire ravages through Southern California. Even people who have lost their internet connection as a result of losing their home or damage to the city’s infrastructure, they can still be kept up to date: they just have to follow LAFD on Twitter.

Truly amazing times.

Twittering (a.k.a. Micro Blogging) is beginning to take a stronghold. Google recently acquired Twitter’s competition, so if Google is keen (their stock went over the $700 USD mark today) then pretty much the rest of the world will be.

Just give it time.


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