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Ferrari unveiled its supercar ‘612 Scaglietti’

The new Ferrari has an uncanny resemblance to the old Nissan 350 Z.


Scion’s Little Deviants

OK. Scion makes cars. Cool, affordable cars for tuner kids I guess. What this site has to do with that I have no idea. But it’s quite awesome. Take a little bit of Get the Glass, add some Scion Attitude and you’ve got some nasty little deviants.

Kill the Little Bastards

The Thrill of Pure Design – Audi TT

A really nice example of using emotion to sell a car. The Michelangelo-like interface reveals different parts of the human anatomy and links it to the new Audi TT. While nothing new and groundbreaking, the microsite is refreshing.

Ra.. Ra… Russian Honda CVR


A brilliant microsite for the new Honda CRV. Built by Moscow’s famous Red Keds the animation and attention is painstakingly beautiful. A lot of hours went into building this property that makes you want to blast some Boney M and drive. Launch Site

Screw the keys


Nissan North America thinks they can unlock the door to reach the distracted, elusive customer in an increasingly competitive category. How? With keys.

For this promotion, 20,000 key rings will be deliberately “lost” in bars, concert halls, sports arenas and other public places in seven large US markets. Each key ring will have three keys, all real, and two tags. The biggest key resembles a car key and the other two look as if they could fit the locks on house or office doors. One tag declares, “If found, please do not return,” because the Altima “has Intelligent Key with push-button ignition, and I no longer need these,” a reference to the technology that allows an Altima owner to start the car by pressing a button on the dash rather than inserting a key. The same tag invites the finder to learn more about the ignition system by visiting a section of the Nissan Web site.

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