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Experience. Good. TV.

OK, I saw it on YouTube, but I’m still happy to know there are brands that can deliver this kind of experience.

Amazing video interpretation of what it’s like experiencing a ZUNE.

Some folks at Beyond Madison Avenue were saying that the ad took 45 seconds to display product, which is bad for product recall. Fair point. But what about experiencing what it would be like to be inside a ZUNE looking for a file, be it a song or video or whatever a ZUNE does?

That’s what this spot does. And does well.

It let’s our imagination sore, as if being in a Stanley Kubrick movie. It sells the experience – not the product – through interpretation, how we would use it, what it would feel like, etc. I know when I’m searching for a certain song, I get all tingly inside knowing what will happen when I find it. How I will tap my fingers or wiggle my pelvis. Yea, I wiggle sometimes. Music does that to me.

I’m never going to buy a ZUNE but this ad makes me realize its potential and the experience derived from handling a ZUNE. That I have to respect.


The Break Up

Absolutely brilliant.

Nike moves some business to Crispin Porter

To follow up on a previous post regarding Nike’s announcement to shift some of its $250 million advertising business to a more digitally savvy agency, Nike has chosen Crispin Porter + Bogusky to handle Nike ID and Nike Plus but says that the rumours are false and it’s NOT because their existing agency Wieden + Kennedy, “wasn’t cutting it online”. 

Digital Affirmation

From ClickZ: Nike is ditching Wieden + Kennedy for some of its running shoe business, and the Wall Street Journal knows why: the agency has been dissing digital.

Full article here

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