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Best Time of Day to Tweet

Marketers have been speculating about which day of the week is the best day to tweet. As Twitteropia continues to swell, getting a tweet across is becoming increasingly difficult in this rapidly evolving environment.  That’s why I created this chart. It shows with pinpoint accuracy which day of the week is best for Twiterring, as well as time of day.  NOTE: times are Eastern Standard Time. Results in different time zones will not vary.    

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    Natural Born Designers

    It occurred to me this morning that we are all designers.

    Take getting dressed, for example. There’s function (let’s hope) and form. We have to wear clothes because society – and our natural tendency to cover up – says so. But what we wear depends on our taste. We design our bodies with clothes to say something about ourselves. How we comb our hair. Make breakfast. The way we drive. Some of us take great care while others don’t even bother. It just is. Which leads to my point: we are all designers.

    Design is an inevitable by-product of our daily routine; some of us – including me – help it emerge as beautifully + as efficiently as possible.  

    When Did Being “Social” Mean Internet?


    There was a time when being social was about people getting together over anything from cocktails to Sunday mass. Today, the word “Social” conjures up an entirely different meaning. For Gen X to Z, we think Facebook, MySpace or Twitter.

    For boomers it might be the Saturday night ritual of dinner and a movie. For folks like my mom, “Social” means a game of cards, scones and tea with her mates. That’s social. Old school. 

    However, I’m seeing poeple in their seventies hopping onto Facebook to see what they’re children are doing or networking with friends about the next bocci tournament. 

    Indeed the web, and the amazing applications that come with it, has accentuated the proliferation of being social.

    To this end I find it amazing that when advertisers think “Social” they think of the web first, yet when they think “Marketing” most think of TV first, web second.  How old school is that?

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