The Marketer’s Engagement Diamond

When it’s time to pop the big question, many marketers wonder where their ad dollars are best spent.

TV used to be, and still is in many markets, the first thing that comes to mind. But as reach and frequency and models of CPM continue to diminish, the savvy marketers are wondering how to keep their consumers engaged.

Yesterday I asked my colleagues what engagement meant to them. The response was overwhelming. My goal is to use these insights to help create what I’m calling The Marketer’s Engagement Diamond.

Here’s what they had to say:

I’m getting married
Getting involved with something
It’s a function I’m attending

As a consumer it means how long I stay interested in an item and/or product.

Personally, from a consumer POV, I would define it as a relationship of sorts – loving what a brand does; loving what effect it has on your life and lifestyle; putting your stamp of approval on a particular brand; communication (or at least the perception that I COULD communicate) and listening to what I’m saying; continuous innovation to better suit my needs; added value for my loyalties.

As a consumer it means to get inside my head and ‘get me’. It means being really connected to me emotionally and intellectually.
A brand can engage me when I realize they have connected with me their first.
Then, it’s up to the brand to be creative in how they will surprise, delight and entertain me.

Committed, invested interest

To me it means that I’m involved.

Means marriage to me… I think we should try to be funnier. Humor is the only things that really engages me in advertising.

Engagement to me means I move from passive observer to active involvement.

2 way communication… somehow the customer interacts with you directly… an actual conversation… exchange of contact information / method is assumed

It can be as simple as taking customer input (usually a complaint) and turning it into a special experience that converts them from a consumer of your goods to loyal advocates. Something any organization can do starting now.

Engagement is interest, motivation to follow up on what the brand is doing; level of trust; advocacy.

Connecting with me in a way that inspires me to respond – physically (thru purchase), emotionally (thru equity in brand – could be positive or neg)

Engagement. Super involved, like a relationship.
The point where it is hard to back out of the purchase. (Or Marriage.)


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