Why Do We Support This?


Many will tell you that the Stanley Cup is the hardest trophy to win in professional sports.

It might explain why it’s taking the Toronto Maple Leafs so long to win, but I have another hunch.

My club, which I can only afford to watch on TV, is the second richest club in the franchise yet continues to play worse each year.

When I do turn on the TV, the best seats in the rink are filled with guys in Gucci suits sucking back a Pepsi in a plastic cup.

Those same seats are empty for the first few minutes of each period because the Gucci guys are mingling at the bar, checking their Blackberry or adjusting their $300 tie. Meanwhile, the nosebleeds, which cost about $30 when you can get them, are teeming with fans.

Their hearts are in the right place, but their bums are not.

Of course, this is business. But it’s messing with our game. Toronto signs 1 star like Sundin. He’s an amazing athlete but a ridiculous price.

It’s not about the experience anymore; it’s about profit. We’re well on our way to being in last place in our division yet the Gucci guys still come.

I wonder if they talk about their club as they drive into their Bay St. garages? Do they hang around the water cooler and talk defense? I bet a lot of the nosebleeds do.


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