Ode to 07

2007 was a year of transformation.

I went from being an independent consultant with many clients and good billings to a retained consultant for one client (Capital C) with okay billings.

As an independent I was lucky enough to be buried in personas or wireframes or copydecks 95% of the time. In my spare time I tried to interact with my kids. My wife and I would chat in bed before drifting off until the morning. And that was when we went to bed at the same; I would stay up late most nights to finish deadlines. You’re nodding. You know what I mean.

I had very little time, if any, to dive into the social web.

When I moved to Capital C the pace slowed tremendously. Time spent with family increased three-fold. I was home on time for dinner. Watching more TV. Reading more blogs. Learning more about my work. Diving into the social web.

So why am I unhappy?

I started coasting. You know the feeling… when things are good just the way they are, you don’t want to move the needle forward. Why should you?

This post is here to remind me not to coast through 2008 like I coasted through 2007. It’s here to remind me to always be moving the needle forward; Always be in BETA as David Armano once said.

Anyways, this is not a manifesto for 2008. This post is here to remind me that I have a beautiful family, great colleagues and a wonderful group of Twitterites to keep me engaged, entertained, and educated. Thanks for your inspiration.

There is so much to do. Let’s get started.


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