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What does it take to build trust with young consumers?

Outlaw Consulting has released a report on the ‘most trusted brands’ amongst young consumers. Called the 2007 Trusted Brands Index, it reveals which are brands that earned the trust and loyalty amongst young trendsetters across US.

It has some interesting take for brands across the world who are looking at these consumers. Take a look:

Top 15 Most Trusted Brands

1. Apple 60.9
2. Trader Joe’s 57.4
3. Jet Blue 46.4
4. In-N-Out Burger 38.8
5. Ben and Jerry’s 33.6
6. Whole Foods 32.4
7. Adidas 31.8
8. American Apparel 31.2
9. Target 29.4
10. H&M 28.9
11. Levi’s 26.4
12. Volkswagen 24.8
13. Converse 24.5
14. Vitamin Water 18.5
15. Red Stripe 17.5

* Clean and Simple Equals Hip – Simplicity reigns supreme in the eyes of young trendsetters, at least when it comes to brands. Many of their favorite companies, from Apple to smaller newcomers like Method, have a reputation for keeping things as stripped down and unadorned as possible – not just in product design, but also in the way they package or market their offerings.

Dorky: The New “Cool” – Not all brands can pull off the old-school authenticity of Adidas, the bleeding-edge design of Apple, or the gritty sexiness of American Apparel. But Outlaw’s research revealed that some of Trendsetters’ favorite brands aren’t cool at all – in fact, some were described as downright dorky. Yet they have won the love of young hipsters by being original, quirky, friendly, and simply being themselves.

Happy Employees are the Best Marketing Tool – When the panelists were asked to explain why they love their favorite stores, they talked a lot about the employees. According to the results, perceptions related to worker job satisfaction have a huge impact on young consumers’ feelings about a brand. Whether instilling pride in doing business with that company or making their interactions with that company more enjoyable.

“Overall, what resonates most with young adults is authenticity,”


Google Buys Feedburner


Feedburner is web feed management company. Google bought them yesterday for $100 million.


Google’s RSS advertising program has been in a perpetual closed beta since 2005. This acquisition is going to rekindle that program.

What does this mean?

RSS feeds + Google’s Adsense = Adsense for Feeds

Get ready for RSS advertising bombardment.

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Let the Game Continue

Another fine online installment from AXE. Poor guy flips his truck, watches it explode and gets distracted from women who want to help. Can’t a guy get a break?

Let the Fun continue here.

Online Habits by Age Group

EMarketer Graph

Excuse Me…

The Ikea store in Sweden is using interactive projection technology to attract attention to its beds.  Check it out.

Is your company ready for web 2.0?

Fill out this handy checklist.

The Break Up

Absolutely brilliant.

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