Got a Complaint? Don’t send it by email.

People who complain to companies via e-mail are waiting longer to get a response: a study found only a third of top firms replied within 24 hours in 2007, compared with nearly two-thirds in 2002.

‘”I think we’ve got plenty of infrastructure, we’ve got more technology than we know what to do with. The problem is there isn’t a strategy in place that says it’s important to treat the customer well.’

Nearly half — 49 per cent — did not reply at all in 2007, down from a high of 86 per cent five years earlier, according to the customer service study by Hornstein Associates. “We keep recreating the wheel, bringing new customers in to take the place of those who’ve had bad experiences and leave,” Hornstein told CBC News Online.

Clients need to implement a strategy that addresses customer feedback – good or bad. I always believed that the customer should:

A. get email acknowledgment of the feedback sent
B. a solution or comment within 48 hours when dealing with online feedback

Why companies don’t see the value in this is beyond my scope.

More on the story at CBC.


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