NewTube Is Just The Beginning

you tube

You got to give it up for NBC Universal and News Corp.

Aside from syndication agreements with Yahoo!, and Time Warner’s America Online, along with a fairly detailed business brief, the two old-media titans have nothing to show for their ambitious Web video destination site and service. They don’t even have a name for it!

Industry insiders are calling it NewTube. Among other things, NewTube’s videos can be embedded on any site, YouTube-style. But unlike YouTube thus far, they’ll come with Big Media-approved copyright protection and, in some cases, a small share of ad revenues.

What does this mean?

For media geeks, NewTube is big news. But the venture, expected to launch this summer, is merely one of myriad developments that will remake the world of Web video in the next few months. Think about all the new ad revenue models. The advertising possibilities. Contextual messaging. Sponsorships. Oi… the list just gets bigger.

Exciting times ahead.


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